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 DigiTEAL Auction



Bid and shop for our cause! 

Check out our online DigiTEAL Auction and help NOCC amplify our fundraising efforts for 2022 Together in TEAL. Every dollar raised will help NOCC raise awareness, improve the quality of life for survivors and caregivers, and develop a deeper community movement. All of our work is done with one vision in live in a world where no one ever loses a life to this disease.

This is what we strive for every day and what you make possible when you support the NOCC.

 THE DIgiteal auction site open now!

Many more items to choose
from on the auction site

Come stay 3 nights in Nashville in this stunning 3-bedroom home.

Add a piece of beauty to your home with, "Hope is Always Present."

Museum of Ice Cream in either New York City, Chicago or Austin