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Welcome to the Together in TEAL® - Everywhere As ONE, Pittsburgh Tealers team page! As a member of this team we are each playing a part in helping the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition help improve the lives of women, families and communities touched by ovarian cancer.

Desolina was diagnosed with JGCT stage 1a ovarian cancer in 2015, when she had just turned 5 years old!  We are so thankful that it was caught as early as it could be.  We learned very quickly learned the importance of early detection, which is not common with the silence of ovarian cancer.  

The NOCC has supported us with every step of her journey.  We are lucky to have met wonderful people along the way. We especially miss our friend, and co-captain, Caryn Calarie, who passed away in 2020 from ovarian cancer.  We are also very lucky to once again have our newest survivor friend, Meredith Mitstifer, who is a 20 year survivor and serves on the Board of Directors for the NOCC.  We were lucky enough to meet her while we were vacationing in Utah last summer, so we really are Everywhere as One!  The plan is for her to join us in Pittsburgh this year as well!  

We are always so very thankful for our dedicated supporters and both new and returning team members for all the years of love and support.  

The money you raise will support national programs and local market initiatives to heighten awareness of the subtle signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer, assist newly-diagnosed patients throughout the country, provide ongoing support to caregivers, and advocate for the advancement of ovarian cancer research.

Ovarian cancer has no boundaries, so our crusade to eliminate it shouldn’t have them, either. Now is a time for unity.  And the NOCC is ready to unify our nation in the fight against ovarian cancer.

Will you please join us to help save lives by donating today?  We hope you can help us to keep our #1 team fundraising status for the Pittsburgh Chapter in 2022!  



Team Members

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